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Project Description

NAVI (Navigational Aids for the Visually Impaired) is a student project at the University of Konstanz which was created during HCI coursework (

It is a prototype of a navigation system for visually impaired based on the Microsoft Kinect sensor. It gained some attention due to a YouTube video (
and an appearance at the MIX'11 Keynote (

The concepts of NAVI have been described in a poster published at the INTERACT 2011 conference (,
which won the Best Poster Award (

Future Work

Since NAVI was only a semester project which has finished in February 2011, we won't pursue it further. One of the things we still want to do is a replacement of the OpenNI drivers with the official KinectSDK from Microsoft.
If time permits we will tackle this change in the next weeks.

3rd Party Libraries Used

For the Kinect:

Sensor driver (Not included in source):
OpenNi (Not included in source):
Nite (Not included in source):
ManagedNiteEx (Included in source):

For the AR markers:

ARToolkitPlus (Included in source):
ArManWrap (Included in source):


Reactive Extensions for .NET (Not included in source):
Expression Blend SDK (Not included in source):

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